Eden. A respite, an adventure, a spiritual retreat, a cultural excursion, a sensuous feast.


Experience: Nature

Return to nature.

Nature makes us feel good. While many people around the world live in urban areas with a little access to nature, Eden has it all… more info

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Experience: Adventure

Life is one big adventure. Live it!

Take the plunge and scream your heart out at the Skyrider… more info

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Experience: Leisure


At 3,000 feet above sea level, Eden’s cool breeze provides a stark contrast to the city temperature.  There are many spots here that offer you a peaceful respite from the hustle and bustle of city life… more info



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Experience: Culture

The culture of the indigenous people of Southern Philippines (or lumad, as they prefer to be called) is a colorful and diverse one… more info


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Experience: Gastronomy

Bon Appetit!

We treat it as our daily challenge to tickle your taste buds while considering your health… more info



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Experience: Romance

Eden offers everything for the celebration and rekindling of true love and romance.

Find beautiful  scenery, relaxing hideaways and breezy, spontaneous romance. Take an exotic, mountain resort vacation. Spoil yourself on your honeymoon or anniversary… more info



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